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AUSSNAP'Oyster Basket Clips' are not made from the standard fishing wire found commercially today.
The special wire that 
use is manufactured to last up to '15 years' or more. Manufactured in Australia they can tailor all their clips to suit your needs including sizes and designs to suit all your farming needs. Please contact us today by clicking here. 
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    Below is a list of our clips for commercial / non commercial fishing and oyster farming etc. If you have any specific requirements please go to our contact us page by clicking here.


    Clips # 1 

    75mm (small or three inch) swivel is 2/0 rated at 142 kg. Wire is 2mm diameter and FG.


    Clips # 2

    100mm (medium or four inch) swivel is 4/0 rated at 160kg. Wire is 2.68mm diameter and FG. Thickness is above Industry standard.



    Clips # 3
    100mm heavy duty swivel is 6/0 rated at 370kg. Wire diameter 3.15mm in both FG and LL This clip shows our ability to think outside the square. The swivel version is suitable for any heavy fishing, and the LL version is used exclusively by the Australian octopus fishery and some oyster growers.



    Clips # 4
    130mm (large or five inch) wire 3.15mm or 3.5mm (large spring version), The light clip in  FG  is used for general fishing, and in LL for some aquaculture uses. The heavy version is used by cray fishermen on both sides of the country.


    Clips # 5
    Oyster basket clips. Generally 100mm long in LL. Wire of 2.68mm diameter. Made in a variety of designs to fit individual growers’ needs. "We are the world’s only maker of these clips."


    Clips # 6

    These are two of our products with specialised applications. L) The belt clip for the “Wallaby” butchers knife pouch, Australia’s most popular!. R) Crab ring bait clips, sold mainly in WA and the only clip on the market strong enough to do the job; in 3.15 mm high tensile stainless steel wire.

    WIRE LEGEND:   'FG' - fishing grade 304. 'LL' - Long Life, exclusive to us, Slightly better than 316, should last at least 10 years permanently immersed for long periods..
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