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AUSSNAP'Oyster Basket Clips' are not made from the standard fishing wire found commercially today.
The special wire that 
use is manufactured to last up to '15 years' or more. Manufactured in Australia they can tailor all their clips to suit your needs including sizes and designs to suit all your farming needs. Please contact us today by clicking here. 
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    Contract Wire Bending

    Aussnap Wire Bending Contractors
    Aussnap has some spare capacity, and the ability to do contract wire bending. We have large stocks of stainless steel wire from 2mm to 3.5mm diameter in various grades and hardness. We have the equipment to easily modify or make wire products. We specialise in short runs at very competitive prices, often replacing poor quality components in imported items. If you have a need it is always worth getting in touch with us. Pictured above is some of our recent work demonstrating the variety of bends in our repertoire.
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