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AUSSNAP'Oyster Basket Clips' are not made from the standard fishing wire found commercially today.
The special wire that 
use is manufactured to last up to '15 years' or more. Manufactured in Australia they can tailor all their clips to suit your needs including sizes and designs to suit all your farming needs. Please contact us today by clicking here. 
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    About AUSSNAP

    At AUSSNAP™ we possess unique machinery that enables us to produce special designs in extremely short runs for individual end users. While we carry stock of the regular clips used in fishing, we also produce special clips for permanent immersion - such as octopus traps (which stay in place for as much as two whole weeks). At the same time AUSSNAP™ has a special focus on aquaculture, where it produces clips to the growers' exact needs. These clips will survive in challenging underwater environments generally for at least '15 years'

    Since 2002 AUSSNAP has been quietly establishing itself as a growing and important supplier of stainless steel basket clips to the growing Australian   Oyster industry. We have learned that getting stainless steel to survive for long years in the ocean is like making fineAussnap Oyster Basket Clips wine - it starts out scientifically based, but in the end is an art form. AUSSNAP has mastered this art, and our clips can now be expected, on corrosion grounds, to last the anticipated life of modern baskets, that is 15 to 20 years. We claim our clips are only "very good", not perfect, so wear and extreme weather factors can easily intervene.

    We soon developed a policy of dealing direct with the end users. This enables us to ensure that they get the right clip. It is important that the clip starts out a firm fit on both the basket and the line to limit "hammering". This is one of the reasons we recently aborted talks with a foreign basket maker to supply original equipment clips. We are already receiving increased inquiries from their owners who are finding the imported clips are not performing, and will be able to supply them with a clip that exactly matches their needs, rather than a "one size fits all" arrangement. 

    For further information or to make an order please click here to go to our contact page.
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